Walk with me

Walk with me 

I’ve never ever thought about going to the cinema to see religious documentary but to day I did see Walk with me (I gave 3.5/5)

The film captures the life of a monastic community who have given up all their possessions for one common purpose– to practice. They live in silence, listen to the sound inside, they respect each moment of present. Whenever they hear a bell rings, they stop doing things as well as take deep breath to feel the life.

While people around me were sleepy, some others were sleeping, I breathed in then out, enjoyed the film. I went home with a bunch of thoughts.

It’s a fact of life that almost people are not happy (neither the rich nor the poor, neither the young nor the old, neither male nor female), I wasn’t happy either. I suffered very badly from parent’s mistake and sexual abuse in my childhood. I don’t trust anyone apart from myself. For you guys, maybe it’s so weird if a person doesn’t believe in God/ Buddha/ Muhammad or in the supernatural. However, I don’t even have a religious belief (many other people neither). I know that almost all religions offer the idea of sacred space and the guide of being kind- hearted. I do believe we should respect all religions of the world equally. That’s why the life I choose to live is being kind, generous and positive.

“Happiness is a way station between too little and too much.”- anonymous

You can choose to want less, live your life deeply and be happier.


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